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The Servei d'Arxius de Cičncia: scientific archives in Catalonia

After listening this morning to reports about the archives at CERN and SLAC, and earlier this afternoon about Brazilian developments, I should emphasize that it is a modest, local and recent initiative. Given that it was inspired by existing scientific archives units, I am not going to dwell on our common interest in preserving and making known contemporary science archives, but will rather focus on what I take to be the distinctive features of our Servei. I hope that what I have to say may prove helpful to those who, like ourselves, are new to this game, but may also be of interest to experienced participants in this meeting caring for international cooperation in our field.

Spain's new Scientific Archives Service: Building on the Catalan "Servei d'Arxius de Cičncia"

I'd like to begin by explaining the development situation of our project and the changes that have occurred in the last few months. Due to the political situation in our state, one state with various nations inside, different science and archive cultures and, above all, the two public sponsors etc.

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