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This section is linked to a project begun by David Jou, Professor of Physics at the UAB and member of the IEC. As part of a bibliometric study of physics in Catalonia, the authors of the most cited physics articles were asked for a personal, unpublished commentary on the origins of the projects. The first round of “Authors’ comments” was published in 2001 by the Institute for Catalan Studies within the book Estudis bibliomètrics sobre la física a Catalunya; this book also included a “Biometric analysis of physics in Catalonia”, “Studies on physics research in Catalonia. Most cited articles” and two appendices with information and summaries of the cited articles. As the authors included in the publication have stated:

“As far as the authors’ comments are concerned, inspired by the ‘Science citation classics’ published in Current Contents, we have put together a document which is interesting in for two reasons: the first is scientific, since it forms a portrait of the problems encountered in physics at for each period, and historical, because the average personal testimony offers a panoramic view of the problems and the enthusiasm for carrying out research in this country.” Lluís Rovira, Pau Senra and David Jou, Estudis bibliomètrics sobre la física a Catalunya (Barcelona: Institut d’Estudis Catalans, 2001), p. 8.

This section contains some of the comments from the first round, and we will add more which are destined for a second round of publication and which appear here for the first time. The comments are limited to physics because they originated in a study being carried out in that discipline, but we would be delighted to extend the initiative to other disciplines. We are very grateful to the authors of the comments for their permission to reproduce them here.

Results (21)         
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