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This section brings together the testimonies published by other institutions. On numerous occasions scientists have addressed a broad public when receiving an award, such as an honorary doctorate, or when they are interviewed in the media or by a historian in the course of their research. Even when these testimonies are published, they are either not widely known, or they are not linked to similar testimonies. Together, however, they go well beyond the individual testimonies . We are very grateful to the institutions that have contributed to this section and we offer our thanks to the scientists who have consented to their publication here.

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Carles Miravitlles   [+]
Proemi de la cerimònia d'imposició de la insígnia Chevalier de l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques a Xavier Obradors i Fèlix Vidal

Xavier Obradors Berenguer   [+]
Discurso de recepción de la insignia de Chevalier del Ordre des Palmes Académiques de la República francesa, Barcelona, 6 de septiembre de 2005

La institucionalización de la Historia de la ciencia, 27 de septiembre de 1983   [+]
Reunión en el Rectorado de la UAB, presidida por el Ministro de Cultura, Javier Solana, sobre la institucionalización de la Historia de la ciencia en diferentes paises