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The Science Archive Service is keen to recover, preserve and present the voices of scientists, doctors and technologists, recorded in interviews, public speaking events, media appearances, talks, etc. These documents are valuable personal testimonies of scientific activity which, when collated by professional historians, become part of oral history. Part of this material is the product of the activities of the SAC itself, but we also offer information about research projects at the UAB and other institutions.

The tasks carried out using this material include the adaptation and standardisation of audio files (mp3 digital format); transcription and scientific revision of content; linguistic correction of the text; and finally the inclusion of the reference on this website giving details of how to access and disseminate the files stipulated by the holder of the rights to the material, which is considered as archive material.

Below there is a list of the interviews located, carried out or handled by the SAC, from which information about the document type can be obtained (interview, public speaking event, media appearance, talk, etc.), the date it was carried out, original format, duration, existence of a transcription and the availability of the original audio file.

You can also gain access to interviews handled, transcribed and published by other institutions on the side menu of this section.  (“Other voices”).


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