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Future Proof III

Draft programme and abstracts

Future Proof III, 19-21 April 2006, Strasbourg



Wednesday 19 April

9.15-10.00 Registration

10.00-10.30 Introduction to the conference

Sebastien Soubiran, University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg
Peter Harper, NCUACS, University of Bath

10.30-11.00 French Overview

Odile Welfelé, Musée des monuments français, formerly Centre National de la Recherche
Scientifique, Paris. What policy for preserving the archives of research laboratories?

11.00-11.20 Coffee

11.20-13.10 French Overview (continued)

Sandrine Clerc, Institut de radioprotection et sûreté nucléaire. The beginnings of IRSN’s archives management

Fanny Audous, Institut national de la recherche agronomique (Paris - Ile-de-France). The first step in records management at INRA’s centres located in Paris and its région

Françoise Leguet-Tully, observatoire de Nice. French provincial observatories and their scientific archives

13.10-14.20 Lunch

14.20-16.10 Current projects and initiatives in Europe and beyond

Scott Walter, Archives Poincaré (Nancy)
Henri Poincaré Online: A Concrete Example of Virtual Archives

Celina Soares de Mello e Silva, Museum of Astronomy, Rio de Janeiro. The preservation of archives and records produced by scientific. institutions in Rio de Janeiro: an overview

Karl Grandin, Center for History of Science, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm. Swedish Solid State Memories

16.10-16.30 Coffee

16.30-18.00 Current projects and initiatives in Europe and beyond (continued)

Finn Aaserud, Niels Bohr Archive, Copenhagen. Learning from experience: reflections on scientific archives in Denmark and how to get it right the next time!

Jordi Sequero, Centre Estudis de l’Historia de les Ciencias, Autonomous University of Barcelona. Recent progress in scientific archives at Barcelona

Ruediger Klein, European Science Foundation (ESF). From preservation to access: the role of European research infrastructures for the development of new perspectives in historical research (history of sciences)

18.30-20.30 Visit and reception at the Astronomical Observatory

Thursday 20 April

09.30-11.00 Selection criteria in the preservation of scientific archives:

Anne Barrett, Imperial College London. From Muniment Room to Cyber Space - the Changing Nature of Archival

Tim Powell, NCUACS, Bath ”A heap of all that I have found?”

Criteria for selection in the archives of modern scientists

Menno Polak, University of Amsterdam. Selection: a response

11.00-11.20 Coffee

11.10-13.10 The electronic environment: preserving and access issues

Julia Sheppard, Wellcome Library, London. Electronic environment: the experience of a research-funding organisation and library in the digital age

Renata Arovelius, SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)& Eli Hjorth Reksten,
Linköping University. The Swedish joint digital university archive: Results from the pilot study and outline for the future

Jean Deken, SLAC, Stanford University, California. Continuing Persistence: The Persistent Archives Testbed Project (PAT) at SLAC in 2005

13.10-14.20 Lunch

14.20-15.30 Projects in progress: short papers

Adam Cieslak, Krakow, Poland. Online database of private papers from Krakow’s archives

Benjamin Haspel, Tel Aviv University Israel

Anita Hollier, CERN  E-projects at CERN

Polly Tucker, Natural History Museum, London. Development of online archives catalogue at the National History Museum

Karine Mikolajczak, Student, Master professionel archives et réseaux documentaires, Université d’Angers. The archives of the Department of human ressources of the University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg

Joanna Corden, Royal Society, London. Hooke manuscript

16.00-17.30 Visit to regional Archives Department

Friday 21 April

09.30-11.00 Electronic environment: preservation and access issues

Jeremy Leighton John, Department of Manuscripts, Directorate of Scholarship & Collections, The British Library. Evolving life cycles for digital manuscripts: sketches and notes from a digital scriptorium

Megan Sniffin-Marinoff Harvard University. Building New Audiences: Sharing Harvard’s Resources Through the Open Collections Program

Christine Blondel, Centre d’histoire des sciences et des techniques, Cité des sciences, La Villette. What choices for a digitization among Ampère’s 40 000 manuscript pages: Selections? Transcriptions? Indexes? Connections with published papers? With other documents? Editorial apparatus?

11.00-11.20 Coffee

11.20-13.00 Table Ronde and concluding remarks
Peter Harper, NCUACS, University of Bath
Katrina Dean, Britisch Library
Karl Grandin, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Center for History of Science
Megan Sniffin-Marinoff, Harvard University
Odile Welfelé, Musée des monuments français

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.30 Visit to the museums and collections of the University of Strasbourg