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Catalogació del fons Publicitat farmacèutica

Col·laboració amb la Fundació Uriach 1838 per la catalogació del fons de publicitat farmacèutica del laboratori farmacèutic Grup Uriach S.A.

Publicitat corporativa, 1906
Publicitat corporativa, 1906

The Fundación Uriach 1838 photographic archive was created with the mission of developing archive policies and implanting a documentary management system for all the advertising material created by the Uriach Group.

In this way, the archive has been responsible for gathering, storing, cataloguing and disseminating this material since the company was first established to the present day, for the whole of society.

The accomplishment of this objective is marked by values such as innovation and the incorporation of ICT, public service and the efficient management of the documentation using parameters based on quality and continual improvement in order to add value to our documentary heritage and guarantee its conservation and diffusion within the broad context of the information and knowledge society.


The archive is comprised of the advertising material produced by the Uriach Group pharmaceutical laboratory from the year 1890 to the present day, and consists of more than 5,000 documents in different formats, supports, sizes, created with different artistic techniques by some of the most important artists and illustrators of the time. By way of example, we could mention Josep Pla-Narbona, Josep Baqués Tomàs, Francesc Graus Roca, Enric Huguet Muixí, Juan Carlos Marqués Sagnier, Antoni Morillas Verdura and Tomàs Vellvé Mengual.

The adaptation of this material is an element of great value in order to know more about the links between the pharmaceutical industry and the advertising and graphic sectors, and Catalan and Spanish society during the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

In parallel, the aim is to offer improved service to historians and researchers dedicated to the history of medicine, pharmacy, advertising and art, and above all, to provide a task of diffusion in order to be known by the public at large. Of the last three, what most interests us is to become known by teachers and pupils in primary and secondary education, in order to consolidate the application of teaching through the archive collections.

The archive offers, within the limits established by the internal regulations of Fundación Uriach 1838, a service for obtaining copies of its documentary collections by means of photocopies and the printing of digital images, among other methods.