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Laboratori de Llum sincrotró ALBA

Data: 2005

Interior del Sincrotr ALBA
Interior del Sincrotró ALBA

The SAC and ALBA Synchrotron Light Laboratory in 2005 signed an agreement with the objective of promoting the preservation and promotion of their funds, thanks to the adequacy of its documentation and historical background.

ALBA is a facility co-financed by the Spanish government and the Catalan government. It is a new generation of synchrotron.
ALBA is a circular-shaped machine, called a synchrotron, that uses arrays of magnets, called insertion devices to generate bright beams of synchrotron light.
Around the machine there are a collection of experimental research laboratories, called beamlines. At each beamline, scientists independantly use the light generated by the machine for a wide variety of experiments.
The ALBA team currently consists of about 160 dedicated engineers, scientists, support staff and technicians. Eventually ALBA will welcome scientific users from all over the world.
(Information from website of the ALBA Synchrotron Light Laboratory)