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Future Proof IV

Draft programme and abstracts

Future Proof IV, Stockholm, Sweden 23–25 April 2008, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Wednesday 23 April

09.15-10.00        Registration

10.00-10.30       Introduction
                                 Karl Grandin, Center for History of Science, the RSAS, Sweden
                                 Peter Harper, NCUACS, University of Bath, UK

10.30-11.00       "Text, context, and quicksand: Reflections on the use and misuse of the Nobel archives". Robert M. Friedman, University of Oslo, Norway,

11.00-11.30        Break

11.30-13:00       Swedish topics                              
– a digital infrastructure for cataloguing and searching archival collections at Swedish research libraries, new ways of searching archives and manuscripts". Ingrid Svensson, Kungliga Biblioteket, Stockholm, Sweden

                                   "The research material in universities in Norway, Finland and Sweden: A survey". Eli Hjorth Reksten, Linköping University, Stockholm

                           "Providing access to a world heritage: A cataloguing project concerning the Swedenborg archives at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences". Maria Berggren, Center for history of science, Stockholm, Sweden

13.00-14.20        Lunch

14.00-15.30       Electronic environment

"Hybrid paper/electronic collecting, processing and reference: A view from SLAC". Jean Deken, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University, California, USA
An update on electronic records at CERN (internal developments, collaboration and outsourcing)". Anita Hollier, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
"Digital manuscripts, digital lives: The recycling of freestyle and personal information". Jeremy John, British Library, London, UK
Hearing the “Birds” cry: Oskar Sala, the Trautonium and the electro acoustic sound – a project of digitization". Wilhelm Füssl and Eva A. Mayring, Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany
Max Planck online". Marion Kazemi, Max Planck Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany

15.30-16.00        Break

16.00-18.00       Electronic enviroment
"The ethnologists and their own lives". Marie Dominique Mouton, University of Paris X, France.
Records management implementation at the Natural History Museum, London". Polly Tucker, National History Museum, London
Creation of audiovisual materials – new function for science archives?". Adam Cieslak, University of Krakow, Poland
Acquiring audiovisual materials and utilising them for science: The experience of the Polish State Archives". Anna Krzeminska, National Archives in Czestochowa, Poland
The Hooke folio: What happened next?". Joanna Corden, The Royal Society, London

18:00 – 19:00 Reception

Thursday 25 April

09.30-10.00        Visit Nobel Museum

11.00-11.30        Break

11.30-13:00      Academic heritage

"The other side of the fence, or the concept of academic heritage". Menno Polak, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Scientific collections and heritage on their University’s secret service…". Sebastien Soubiran, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France

"Imperial College celebrating a centenary of identity, the pivotal role of the college archives". Anne Barrett, Imperial College London, UK

13.00-14.20        Lunch

14.00-15.30       Iniciatives in Medical archives

"Closing the circle: Community-building at the Center for the History of Medicine, Harvard Medical School". Kathryn Baker, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA, USA
The archives of UK biomedical science: The Wellcome experience". Richard Aspin, Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine, London, UK
Overcoming the amnesia of modern biomedicine: An agnatology of the Karolinska Institutet Medical University". Olof Ljungström, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

15.30-16.00        Break

16.00-16.30      Archeological Archives

"Management and preservation of archaeological documentation: A case study of archaeological records in French-speaking Switzerland". Eloi Contesse, Lausanne, Switzerland

16:30- 18:00     Tour of RSAS archives

19:00                  Conference dinner

Friday 24 April

 09.30-10.00        Archives of Research and Development
"The A of R&D: Archiving industrial physicists". R. Joseph Anderson, American Institute of Physics Center for the History of Physics
R&D holdings in German regional business archives". Christian Hillen, Stiftung Rheinisch-Westfälisches Wirtschaftsarchiv, Köln, Germany
The archives of industrial scientists in the work of the NCUACS". Timothy E. Powell, NCUACS, University of Bath, UK

11.00-11.30        Break

11.30-12:30      International collaboration
"Archives of international scientific organisations". Peter Harper, NCUACS, University of Bath, UK
International collaboration through WHSO (World History of Science Online): Technical and social issues". Stephen Weldon, University of Oklahoma, Norman
12:30-13:00      Closing discussion

13.00-15:00.      Visit to Centre for Business History in Stockholm

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