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Scientist or institution: Departament d'Indústria i Energia de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Repository institution: Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya
Keywords: Engineering
Period covered: 1878-1992
Additional information:

Created in 1980 (decree of 8 May, the organization of the Executive Council of the Generalitat of Catalonia) in the first statutory government headed by Jordi Pujol.
By Decree 9 / 1980 of 12 May, took on the functions of industry and energy were hitherto exercised by the Department of Economics and Finance and in accordance with State Government transfers (Royal Decree 1384/1978 of 23 June). Later, with the new transfer service expands its powers in taking the matter of wells (Royal Decree. 1036/1984 of 9 May).


Administrative Documentation
Thecnical Documentation

Approximate volume: 423,6 ml