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Scientist or institution: Hospital de San Antonio de Viana
Repository institution: Arxiu del Regne de Mallorca
Keywords: Medicine
Period covered: 1572-1979
Additional information:

In the thirteenth century Sant Antoniet was one of the hospitals that existed in our city, as were San Antonio Viana de Sant Andreu ol'hospital until, in the fifteenth century, all of them were inserted in the General Hospital-La Sang-created under the auspices of the Great and General Council. The two hospitals Sant Antoinette, the Viana in the street Sant Miquel de Padua and we now treat, are often confused and it was not strange because they had common activities and since 1502-time Santo Antonio de Padua was added the house of Sant Antoni de Viana, were under one commander of the St. Anthony community.


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Professional Documentation

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