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Scientist or institution: Escola Industrial de Barcelona
Repository institution: Biblioteca de Catalunya
Keywords: Engineering
Period covered: 1908-1957
Additional information:

The Industrial School of Barcelona was officially opened on the 1st of October 1851, the outcome of the appearance and formalisation of new approaches to education, the qualitative changes taking place in the Spanish economy, the transformation in the structure of guilds and the interest among the enlightened leading minorities in “modernising the country and bringing into it the educational, technical and scientific fields found in all the cultivated European nations”. The first director of the Industrial School of Barcelona was chemist José Roura, a pioneer of gas in Spain. Roura forged a pathway to follow in the field of gaseous fuels. He was succeeded by Juan Agell and Manuel del Castillo and finally by Ramón Manjarrés i Bofarull, regarded as one of the most important figures for the school in the 19th century. Manjarrés occupied the position from 1868 until 1891. The school was consolidated in this stage, and in 1873 it moved to the building at the University of Barcelona. At its new headquarters, it performed its first industrial tests with electricity and the telephone. The number of students also doubled, from 15 engineering graduates per year in 1868 to more than 30 in 1890.


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