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Scientist or institution: Mira i López, Emili
Repository institution: Fundació Uriach 1838
Keywords: Medicine
Period covered: 1911-1938 aprox
Additional information:

Emilio Mira i Lopez (Santiago de Cuba, 1896 - Petropolis, Brazil, 1964). Born in Cuba, his parents moved to Barcelona when he was two years. From 1920 to 1939 he held various positions in the Commonwealth and the Government of Catalonia psicotècnia and related training. In 1933 he founded with Joaquim Xirau the prestigious Journal of Psychology and Pedagogy. During the last Civil War studied the behavior of the revolutionary from the psychological perspective. Exiled in 1939, after passing through Britain, the United States and Argentina, he settled permanently in Brazil, where he directed the Institute Delaçâo Orientaçâo e Profissional.


Personal Documentation

Approximate volume: 0,20 ml