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Scientist or institution: Bachs i Valldeneu, Xavier
Repository institution: Arxiu Comarcal Baix Llobregat
Keywords: Engineering
Period covered: 1971-1978
Additional information:

The fund Xavier Bachs Valldeneu  was created by the labor and trade union activities in the factory Altos Hornos de Madrid, SA, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, between 1971-1978. This industry was popularly known as La Farga.
La Farga (1900-1982) became one of the best foundries in Spain, had established the system of qualifications Gobert work and personal: they controlled the productivity and product research. They built ships and scrap cranes, and had workshops and expeditions mill, a laboratory, warehouse, building office in the same factory and had a "Economy" ...
In 1972 had a total of 30,468 m2 and it produced 150,000 tons of steel. In 1982 they stopped the activities get exhausted the possibilities of expanding the cast of L'Hospitalet.


Professional Documentation

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