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Scientist or institution: Botet i Sisó, Joaquim
Repository institution: Arxiu Municipal de Girona
Keywords: Archaeology
Period covered: 1872-1987
Additional information:

Joaquim Botet i Sisó (Girona, 1846-1917). Archaeologist, historian and numismata. What was director of Gerona and Barcelona newspaper La Renaissance, president of the Association of Literary Girona, Master's Academy of Arts of Barcelona and the Academy of History in Madrid. Collaborated in the Journal of Gerona, Lo Rat Penat, The Gramalla, The Advancement and Enlightenment Catalan. He published one of the first important modern works on Empúries: History and Archaeology News of Emporion (1879) and sarcophagi romanocristianos esculturados that conserve en Cataluña (1895). Write the amount spent in the province of Girona in Catalonia Geography General and directed by Francesc Carreras Candi. But his basic work, still not passed in terms of overall picture is The
Catalan coins (1908-1911), winner of 1907 Martorell. He published also Gerona County. Los Condes beneficiarios (1890) and Cartoral Many of Charles (1905-1909). (Miquel Tarradell, Great Encyclopedia Catalan, Barcelona, 1971, Volume 3, p. 766). Note that Joaquim Sisó Botet and was part of the first generation of intellectuals committed to the Catalan political.


Professional Documentation

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