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Scientist or institution: Bellido i Golferichs, Jesús Maria
Repository institution: Museu d'Història de la Medicina de Catalunya
Keywords: Medicine, History of Science
Period covered: 1946-1946 aprox
Additional information:

Jesús Maria Bellido i Golferichs (Barcelona, 1880 - Toulouse, 1952). A doctor, veterinarian and politician, he was a Professor of Physiology in Zaragoza (1914) and Granada (1918), and later a pharmacologist and therapist in Barcelona (1929). He was one of the founders of the Institute of Physiology. His studies included topics such as renal physiology and the introduction of the study of electrocardiography in Catalonia. He wrote works such as "Treballs de la Societat de Biologia" (Studies of the Society of Biology) and "Quaderns d'Estudis Polítics, Econòmics i Socials" (Notebooks on Political, Economic and Social Studies) in Perpignan.


Professional documentation

Approximate volume: