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The Collections

Scientist or institution: Rodríguez Femenias, Joan Joaquim
Repository institution: Institut Menorquí d'Estudis
Keywords: Botany
Period covered: 1859-1905 aprox
Additional information:

Joan Joaquim Rodríguez Femenias (Mahon, Menorca, 1839 - Toulouse, France, 1905). A botanist, he was the founder of the modern study of seaweed in the western Mediterranean with the study "Algues de les Balears" (Seaweed of the Balearic Islands). His study on superior plants and his catalogue "Flórula de Menorca" (Florulae of Menorca) have been fundamental tools for all studies on Menorcan flora.


Scientific correspondence

Approximate volume: 0,6 ml
Instruments of description: Associated catalog
Collections in depth: Joan Joaquim Rodríguez Femenias
Projects completed: Catalogació del fons Joan Joaquim Rodríguez Femenies