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Scientist or institution: Sabater Pi, Jordi
Repository institution: UB - Edifici Baldiri Reixac. Sala Col·lecció Sabater Pi
Keywords: Natural Sciences, ethology
Period covered: 1942-2005 aprox
Additional information:

Jordi Sabater Pi (Barcelona, 1922 - 2009). An ethologist and primatologist, he taught himself ethology and primatology. He studied psychology and was appointed Emeritus Full Professor of Psychobiology and Ethology in the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Barcelona in 1987. For 30 years he worked in West Africa studying the ethnic groups and higher primates there. He was also the conservator at the Barcelona Zoo and the Ikunde Centre in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. He was the author of more than 100 studies published in specialised international journals and the author of eight scientific books.



Approximate volume: