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Scientist or institution: Trueta i Raspall, Josep
Repository institution: Biblioteca de Catalunya
Keywords: Medicine
Period covered: 1917-1977 aprox
Additional information:

Josep Trueta i Raspall (Barcelona, 1897 - 1977). He earned a Bachelor’s in Medicine from the University of Barcelona. He became a Professor in the Faculty of Medicine as well as Director of Surgery at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau in 1935. He developed an original method to combat bone infections. During the Spanish Civil War he expanded and perfected his system against ostiomielitis applied to the extremely complex set of injuries on which he had to operate. He was successful with his “closed dressing” method.  He went into exile with his family in the United Kingdom, where he worked at Nuffield Hospital at Oxford University. There he worked as an aid to the Chair on Orthopaedics and Surgery. In 1940 he was appointed an honorary member of the British Orthopaedic Society. In 1948 he was elected Full Professor of Orthopaedics and Surgery at Oxford University. He also conducted important studies on renal circulation and the function of the kidneys and its diseases, and he researched bone formation and growth. He returned to Barcelona in 1965.


Labour documentation
Personal documentation

Approximate volume: 9,8 ml