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The Collections

Scientist or institution: Sunyer i Balaguer, Ferran
Repository institution: UAB - Biblioteca de Ciència i Tecnologia
Keywords: Mathematics
Period covered: 1942-1976
Additional information:

Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer (Figueres, 1912 – Barcelona, 1967). He was a self-taught mathematician due to paralysis he suffered from since birth. He started his work in mathematics with the publication “Comptes Rendus” from the Academy of Sciences of Paris. After that he worked with the school of Jacques Hadamard, contributing to the progress of the theory of functions. He contributed to setting mathematical terminology in Catalan from his post as Vice President of the Catalan Society of the Physical Sciences, Chemistry and Mathematics, and especially from his post as the director of the Mathematics Department. He was a member of numerous mathematical societies, particularly the American Mathematical Society.


Scientific correspondence
Scientific documentation
Personal documentation

Approximate volume: 2,4 ml
Instruments of description: Associated catalog, Biblioteca de Ciència i Tecnologia (UAB)
Collections in depth: Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer
Projects completed: Catalogació del fons Josep Maria Sunyer, Digitalització fons Ferran Sunyer