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Scientist or institution: Vila, Pau
Repository institution: Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya
Keywords: Geography
Period covered: 1914-1970
Additional information:

Pau Vila (Sabadell, 1881 – Barcelona, 1980). The founder of the Escola Horaciana, he contributed to changing educational methods. He lived for periods in Geneva and Colombia. Once back in Barcelona, he was appointed the Secretary of the Labour School. He was a Professor of Geography in the Normal Studies of the Mancomunitat, the "Institute of Superior Commercial Studies, the Catalan University Studies and the Normal School of the Generalitat. He was a member of the Institute of Catalan Studies and the founder of the School of Modern Geography of Catalonia. He also wrote studies on educational issues and graphic works, particularly the Cerdagne and the “Resumen de Geografia de Catalunya” (Summary of Geography of Catalonia). He went into exile in Colombia, where he published the New Geography of Colombia. He also lived in Venezuela, where he was the director of Geography.



Approximate volume: 3 ml