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The Collections

Scientist or institution: Hospital Militar de Maó
Repository institution: Archivo Intermedio Militar de Baleares
Keywords: Medicine
Period covered: 1894-1993
Additional information:

The architectural complex that occupies most of the island, Isla del Rey, was built when, in 1711, during the first British, English Admiral John Jennings was ordered to build a hospital in the area. The hospital was the same style as the Royal Hospital Chealsea and the Greenwich Naval Hospital in London, the architect Sir Christopher Wren.
Between 1771 and 1776 but was repaired and restored in Menorca passed into Spanish hands were dismantled for the construction of the fortress San Felipe. In 1784 the Spaniards transformed the Protestant chapel at Catholic. In 1798 again into the hands of the English, who again used as a hospital. Since then, work as a military hospital used by the French, Americans and Spaniards, to give the island to other countries for various tasks.
It was not until 1964 that the hospital moved to Mahon Menorca, Mahon Street Vasallo, the difficulties posed by having to transport the injured to the island, but the property remained in the Spanish central government.


Administrative Documentation
Professional Documentation
Clinical Records

Approximate volume: 12,60 ml