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Scientist or institution: Xalabarder Serra, Eduard
Repository institution: Museu d'Història de la Medicina de Catalunya
Keywords: Medicine, History of Science
Period covered: 1905-1944 aprox
Additional information:

Driving forces behind the fight against tuberculosis in Catalonia. Eduard Xalabarder Serra (Caldes de Montbui, 1869 - Barcelona, 1922). Son: Conrad Xalabarder Puig (Caldes de Montbui, 1899 - Barcelona, 1979) He earned a Bachelor’s in Medicine from the University of Barcelona in 1923. He became the Director of the Sanatorium of Torrebonica. In 1927 he earned a doctorate with a study on the application of sodium thiosulfate in treating tuberculosis. He was a founder and secretary of the Society of Tuberculosis of Barcelona and the director of the Caixa de Pensions’ anti-tuberculosis efforts. He devoted his entire life to the struggle against this disease and was on the cutting edge of studies using electron microscopes in Catalonia.
Grandson: Eudald Xalabarder Conca (Barcelona, 1931).


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Approximate volume: 0'60 ml