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The Collections

Scientist or institution: Cardona, Mª. Àngels
Repository institution: Institut Menorquí d'Estudis
Keywords: Botany
Period covered: 1970-1990
Additional information:

M. Àngels Cardona (Ferreries, 1940 - Barcelona, 1991). She was a Full Professor of Botany at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a researcher in the field of plant cytotaxonomy and cytobiogeography. She contributed to the Atlas of Endemic Flora of Menorca and took part in the development plans of the towns of Castell, Ciutadella and Sant Lluís. She was a member of associations such as the Catalan Institution of Natural History of Barcelona, the Natural History Society of the Balearic Islands, the Societé de Biogeographie of France and the Institute of Menorcan Studies.


Professional documentation

Approximate volume: 0,60 ml
Projects in progress: Catalogació del fons Mª Angels Cardona