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The Collections

Documents from scientists and scientific institutions in the Catalan-speaking territories are the priority of the Science Archives Service. The chronological area of activity is the modern period (19th and 20th centuries) to the present day. The geographical area is very broad: although most of the records are preserved in Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands, the Service is also interested in records deposited in the rest of Spain or other countries, as is the case with documents related to the researchers forced into exile as a result of the Civil War.

As well as our interest in deposited records, we aim to ensure that the information about these documents, as well as the guarantees for their conservation and use by the scientific community, stimulate the deposit of collections that have not been donated to an institution and are therefore at risk of being lost. 

As a result of its activities, the Service has located the following collections. For each collection a brief description is given, and for each repository institution there is contact data and information about the collections that are deposited there. Personal documents dominate the list. Among the repository institutions, public institutions predominate as they were the first to be approached by the Service; we have recently extended our search and activities to the archives of companies or consortia of a scientific or technological nature.

The list of collections that appears by default can be changed so that the repository institutions are listed (right link).

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