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Working with the SAC

The SAC website is available to archivists, researchers and institutions that want to tell us about collections or activities regarding collections of a scientific nature. It is not our intention that the information offered on the SAC website should replace that offered by other institutions, but rather to extend the basis for disseminating the knowledge generated by them. We believe that it is important to relate these activities because together they go beyond the individual images.

Contributing to the SAC can involve a number of different sections and take different forms, from the generic institutional agreements to specific outcome cooperation agreements.

For the different sections of the website we have included in the side menus the option for “Working with the SAC”, describing the type of collaboration that you may be able to offer in the area of collections, catalogues, brief descriptions/exhibition of specific collections (Collections in depth), interviews or images. The Service’s database is open to the inclusion of information from institutions that want to publicise their activities in any of the following areas:

The Collections
Perhaps you know of different collections or see that the information that we have provided about the collections is incorrect or not up to date. If that is the case, please contact us and help us to complete or modify the list:

  1. If it is a collection deposited in an institution, we will open a file and include it on the list.
  2. If it is a collection that has not been handled, we will look into the possibility of processing it ourselves.
  3. If it is a collection that has not yet been deposited, we will help you to decide which institution would be the most appropriate to take charge of it and under what conditions.

If you know of any other catalogue, or if the information that we give in our catalogues in erroneous or out of date, please contact us and you can help us to complete or modify the list.  You can help us by giving us information about available catalogues and even, where there is mutual agreement, migrate the catalogue in the SAC database so that you can carry out keyword searches.

If you know of any, or if the information we have given about our oral testimonies is incorrect, please contact us and help us to complete or modify the information. You can help by giving information about available interviews or oral testimonies, or helping to transcribe and, if necessary and by mutual agreement, publish the interview ort testimony on this website.

The Science Archive Service website is open to the inclusion of images or collections of images from other institutions. If you have any archive images about science, technology or medicine in Catalonia, or if you know of any related exhibitions or multimedia materials, please contact us. Together we can look into giving information about them on our website or including any element by mutual agreement and including the corresponding credits.

The Collections in depth
The Collections in depth section aims to disseminate to a broad general public, the importance and significance of specific collections. Here we present the collections individually and in detail.
Each collection will be covered in a text of approximately 600 to 1,000 words, accompanied by representative images from the documents that make up the collection. The text will give the visitor information about a specific scientist or institution, the work they have done and the bibliography generated by their research or their inclusion in the collection. Our intention is to make the work of archivists, historians, scientists and museum workers more visible and highlight the importance of their work, for a better understanding of science through history, especially in recent periods.
This section is available to archivists, researchers and institutions that want to offer information about a collection. The informative notes should therefore answer the following types of question:

  1. Which personality or institution is the collection based on? Brief original description (give reference if cited or paraphrased from a bibliographic dictionary or other source).
  2. Why is the collection important? What does it tell us about the personality or the institution that originated it, and about science, technology and medicine in the period it covers?
  3. What activities have been carried out?
  4. Is there a bibliography available?

To contribute to this section we need from you:

  1. A text of approximately 600 to 1,000 words. This should contain a brief description of the collection and activities, explaining their importance for the history of science. The text should be aimed at a non-specialised public and be informative in tone. The text will appear signed, whether by the original author or by the person who has been able to include it in the website, with no substantial alterations, or by the SAC writer, where it has been adapted to the particular section.
  2. An image or images in jpg or pdf format at a minimum resolution of 520 x 300 píxels. Part of one of these images, the main image, will appear on the home page of the SAC website as the image representing the collection; the other images will appear within the website along with the text.

Where bibliographic material is available, the author should select the parts that they consider are most representative and reproduce them on the website together with the appropriate reference. This contributes to the dissemination of the literature which is not always as well known, despite the fact that when considered jointly it offers a rich image of the science of Catalonia (we are thinking, for example, about Master’s and doctorate projects or the meetings of the SCHCT).

Research support
The Science Archives Service promotes research into the history of science, technology and medicine, either directly through its own work on relevant collections, or indirectly by facilitating access by researchers to contemporary science archives. If you have carried out research in any of these areas, you can help us by disseminating it through our website. All we need is a brief text describing the research and the role of the activities carried out by the SAC.