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Gaspar Orriols   >>
"An experimental method for the observation of R. F. transitions and laser beat resonances in oriented Na vapour". Il Nuovo Cimento B, vol. 36 (1976), p. 5-20

"Non-absorbing atomic coherences by coherent 2-photon transitions in a 3-level system" Lettere al Nuovo Cimento, vol. 17 (1976), p.333

"Nonabsorption resonances by nonlinear coherent effects in a three-level system". Il Nuovo Cimento B, vol. 53 (1979), p. 1-24

"Nonabsorption hyperfine resonances in a sodium vapour irradiated by a multimode dye laser". Il Nuovo Cimento B, vol. 52 (1979), p. 209-218

SAC 28/09/2011

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Maria Asp Romefors and Anne Miche de Malleray, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Center for History of Science   >>
"How can the Center for History of Science play a role in the formation of a (national) collection strategy for scientific archives?"
SAC 14/11/2011

Richard Aspin   >>
The archives of UK biomedical science: the Wellcome Experience
SAC 17/11/2009

Maria Asp and Anne Miche de Malleray
Tread softly for you tread on peoples' lives, or how to secure the memory of an institution while not appearing as a gravedigger
SAC 16/11/2006