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The Science Archives Service is not actually an archive in itself, but a point of collection and distribution of information that works in coordination with the archives network. As a specialised service, the SAC offers information and assessment to different types of users, particularly archivists and professional historians; as a centre for the dissemination of research and scientific culture, the SAC addresses the scientific community and the general public.

The Service offers professional archivists its experience in the processing of archives and scientific collections. It also contributes to the training of specialist archivists in scientific subjects through the employment of research support staff and the support of specific projects.

To facilitate the recovery of information by historians of science and other specialists, the SAC offers a list of collections on its website with details of composition and localization as well as information about the available catalogues.

As a contribution to the preservation and distribution of collections located in research institutions, the SAC offers an information service on the options for the organisation, conservation, processing, depositing and future use of these collections, and makes available its database, which has been created in accordance with the Regulations for Archives Description in Catalonia (NODAC).