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Cooperation with countries with a long scientific tradition that have units or services with similar characteristics has been one of the driving forces for setting up the SAC. International exchange and collaboration have played a major role in the Service since it was created.

A first, basic step towards integration with other European institutions took place in 2001, when two of the promoters of the SAC, Xavier Roqué and Antoni Borfo, joined CASE (Cooperation on Archives of Science in Europe) – a group of historians, scientists and archivists working for the promotion and development of contemporary science archives. The members of the group exchange information and experiences on archival projects related to specific institutions, regions, nations or disciplines, including tools for description. The group also works together with similar initiatives around the world, such as the International Catalog of Sources of the Centre for History of Physics and Allied Sciences, at the American Institute of Physics; and the World History of Science Online project (WHSO), promoted by the History of Science and Technology Division of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science (IUHPS), coordinated by the University of Melbourne.

Institutions from other countries with which the Service has a working relationship:

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CASE   [+]
Cooperation on Archives of Science in Europe

Estats Units
Center for History of Physics de l'American Institute of Physics
International Catalog of Sources for History of Physics and Allied Sciences - ICOS (1968)

International Council on Archives    [+]
Web del International Council on Archives, secció de les Universitats i Investigació, que inclou directrius sobre els arxius de la ciència i la tecnologia contemporànies.

Regne Unit
Centre for Scientific Archives @ the Science Museum
Contemporary Scientifics Archives Centre (1973), rebatejat com National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists (1983)

UK Data Archive (UKDA)   [+]
Web's centre founded by University of Essex with the aim of preserving and promoting the digital archives to the field of sciences and humanities

Centre de Recherce en Histoire des Siences et des Techniques
Archives Issues des Sciences Contemporaines - ARISC

Arxiu Niels Bohr
Projecte: Sistema Nacional d'Arxius de Ciència

Deutsches Museum
Pàgina web del Museu de Ciència i tecnologia més important a nivell europeu es pot trobar informació referent a la seva col·lecció d'arxius de ciència.

Bright Sparcs
Web creada per la Universitat de Melbourne disposa d'una important base de dades biogràfica de científics australians i informació sobre els arxius personals.