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A unique initiative, linked with similar initiatives in other countries, to preserve, study and make known the documentary heritage of science, technology and medicine in Catalan-speaking territories

The Science Archives Service (Servei d’Arxius de Ciència, SAC) is a unique initiative in Catalonia, promoting, in a systematic and coordinated manner, the conservation, study and public awareness of scientific archives. The SAC is not an archives repository as such, but an information point that works closely with existing archives and with the academic community. The Service offers assessment for the processing, study and distribution of contemporary scientific archives and its website contains information about existing collections and the activities it is involved in.

The objectives of the SAC are related to science archives, scientific culture and historical research:

  1. As an archives service, the SAC aims to contribute to the localisation, processing and preservation of the documentary heritage of contemporary science, technology and medicine.
  2. As a centre for the promotion of scientific culture, the SAC aims to promote knowledge of science among the public through original documents that make up the legacy of science, and thereby contribute to public participation in scientific questions of general interest.
  3. As a research support service, the SAC aims to promote historical research in science, technology and medicine, especially through the development of lines of work that are based on the processing and study of specific records.

The Science Archives Service has the continued support of three leading institutions in the fields of scientific research and heritage in Catalonia: the Department of Culture and Media of the Catalan government (the Generalitat), the Institute of Catalan Studies and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.